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Haryana Steelers

Haryana Steelers another crown jewel in the JSW Sports portfolio, is bringing the old-age sport of Kabaddi a renowned sense of glory in India. After showcasing the squad’s talent, strength and resilience at the Pro Kabaddi League, Haryana Steelers are definitely here to stay and claim their ground.

The presentation created to invite sponsorships for the upcoming season required to reflect the essence of the game and at the same time highlight crucial details which the sponsors would want to know. The Dhakkad team’s zeal was translated by use of interesting design elements reflecting the indigenous sport. The deck also details out the options available to the sponsors and highlights statistics from the previous season, which can prove vital to their decision.

The overall presentation brought together the spirit of the game and the JSW Sports umbrella in a aesthetically designed manner. Even with all the layers of design, the JSW team had the flexibility to edit content as required on the deck without worrying about the effects of it on the design.

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