Providing Well Designed, Persuasive Presentations for Corporate and Startups is our forté.


Your complex information will be converted into visual narratives, infographics and short but precise points, that enhances audience engagement.

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Get an edge over your competition with a well-organized deck that consists of a smooth flow of information, which augments your recall value.

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Preparing yourself for the pitch is the only thing you need to worry about, as we make sure your presentation helps you crack the deal.


Your complex information will be converted into visual narratives, infographics and short but precise points that ensures that your audience understands what you are trying to convey to them.

Recall Value

Get an edge over competition by presenting from a well-organized deck. A smooth flow will enable storytelling, an important marketing tool for any brand, to create a higher recall value.

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Invest your time in preparing for the pitch while we take care of the rest. Sell products, ideas or decisions through effective communication. Get a unanimous vote for your excellent Presentation!

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Slides We Have Re-designed

We've observed that 92% of all presentations consist of powerpoint presentations that have been taken off the internet. In addition to this, 47% of the themes are generally repetitive and have been used extensively in the past. Keeping these statistics in mind, we at Design Pitch Deck, make sure that our presentations are 100% unique and specially created to enhance audience engagement while giving you an edge over your competitors. Our slides are created on professional software systems like Illustrator and Photoshop to meet your requirements.

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Why Choose Design Pitch Deck?


Creativity is the only element that really catches the eye of the audience during a presentation and keeps them hooked.


We understand the importance of your deadlines which is why we make sure you receive your presentation well before time.


Our young and creative team makes sure that your presentation is brimming with fresh new ideas.


We design more with less to keep the content clean and crisp. Every detail should have a purpose, so we take particular care to not be redundant.


We never discriminate the projects we receive. We thrive on diversity and we look forward to creating decks of various types and sizes.


Our experienced professional have worked across many different industries and are well versed with the requirements of various sectors.


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Redesign Process

Your slides will transform into a presentation that will make your pitch 10x more powerful.


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A customised Presentation will be delivered to you.

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We understand the value of your privacy. Your work is safe with us as we treat all information in the strictest confidence. Find comfort in our Non-Disclosure Policy.


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