What Is A Bad Pitch Deck

We often try to figure ways to make our Pitch Decks better. However, we overlook the mistakes we make and don’t realize when our Pitch Decks’ are not good enough to be presented. A bad pitch deck is one that does not serve its purpose. Here is how you can tell if your Presentation fits the bill or will go down in the books of the top subpar or horrible Pitch Decks your Investor has seen.


1. Bad Design

In order to beautify your Presentation, one must first understand what a ‘BAD DESIGN’ is. Using colors do not go well together is the worst thing you could do for your Pitch Deck. Using a good color palette is very important as it sets the mood of the presentation. Try spacing your content well. The overall appearance of each slide should be well constructed and look neat and organized. The addition of a few special elements like icon sets or relevant pictures could make your Pitch Deck more appealing if placed well.

Too much content2. Too Much Content

A Pitch Deck with too much content will bring a few yawns around the room. The audience needs a visual relief which can be provided by infographics and images. A lot of content would also confuse you while you are trying to make your pitch as you would have to read through the paragraphs to search for your keywords to maintain the flow of your presentation. Keeping only the key points on the slides will emphasize what you want to say and you can leave the rest of the information to your explanation.

3. Too Many Slides

It is alright to want to elaborate on your idea for a long time because you are excited about your plan but you should consider the fact that your investors have been looking at a lot of pitches and they do not need it to drag on for a long time. Try reducing the number of slides by emphasizing only the most important points. Leave out all the minuscule details that no one really needs to know.

Pitch Presentation Graphs

4. Mismanaged Flow

To present your ideas and thoughts well, the flow of the pitch should be like how you would recite a story. Your points should lead to the next one, in a seamless and unforced manner. To achieve this, the presentation should have the content placed in the way that you would like your story to be told.

5. Dishonest Information

Investors need businesses and people they can trust, as they are planning to part with a huge amount of money in hopes of seeing good returns. When you provide them with dishonest information and unrealistic statistics, they are going to doubt your credibility and dismiss you as a possible candidate.

If your Pitch Deck checks one or more of these points, you should consider making the required changes to your Presentation. An improved Pitch Deck could make or break deals, and you would obviously be in favor of the former.  

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