Walmart – Flipkart Group Investor Pitch Deck

World’s biggest E-commerce deal valued at $16 billion sealed!!

Walmart acquired 77% of Flipkart’s stake.

Do You Know Why it Happened?

US e-commerce giant Amazon announced that it would invest $3 billion in India.

Walmart is already very well known for its robust retail operation processes.

                                                                          Note: We don’t own this Presentation.

How would Indians benefit from this?

Indian online consumers would soon be inundated and there will be much to look forward to with a variety of shopping options. Walmart is known for its extremely low prices, and Flipkart is also known to have good deals on their products. Let’s hope this power combo gives us deals that make our eyes pop.

We are looking forward to the result of this matchmaking. We are hoping to get new, international products in India at reasonable rates. Let’s see how that goes.

In the meanwhile, you could have a look at the deal winning pitch deck Walmart used to win Flipkart over!

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