Pitching the Best Foot to Venture Capitalists

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Venture Capitalists are not your everyday joe, they get about 100s of emails on business ideas. In order to stand out from the rest of the lot, you got to have that X factor. Impressing a Venture Capitalist (VC) is a difficult task, making anyone invest in your idea is not a piece of cake.

Venture Capitalists are your traditional form of acquiring funding for your business. They provide start-ups with good pitch deck who have high potential growth in the market with funding. Venture Capitalist comes in at a very early stage of the company in exchange of having equity in the business. VC investments are a risky process as they bet on start-ups. If the start-up is a huge success, the returns multiply, benefitting both, the Capitalists and the Start-Up.

Pointers for a successful VC pitch meeting:

Know Your Players:

It’s an established fact that every venture capitalist gets 100s of business presentations from various start-ups, so catching their attention is a task. The key rule is to know the Who-s. The best way to go about is to know each & every player who is going to attend the meeting. Bring out the Sherlock within you and research on every person attending the meeting to be able to strike a conversation.

By doing this, you won’t only broaden your knowledge and perspective but also understand the nature of investment made earlier by this investor. You can also understand the topic of interest in terms of investments and business pitch ideas.

Deal With The Questions:

Prepare well for those question which falls under your scope of preparation. Be confident about the questions asked on your strong point, and also try and respond to the questions you are not familiar, this will help you learn new things. It is very important to address every detail and random question to your strong point. Even if there are different personalities in the meeting, they will appreciate that you are focused on your strong points.

Keep Everyone Engaged:


It’s never a good sign when everyone is looking at their watches and being quiet. Keeping everyone engaged in the room should be your priority. While explaining about your company or your product, you should lay out all your aces, king and queens to make everyone fold to your ideas. Pitch Presentation skills involve being innovative every time you present your idea. Make your presentation more conversational, keep your delivery structured and have a formal body language.

Creative Pitch


No matter how good your business idea is, it will only grab attention when it’s creatively presented. Having just a PowerPoint Presentation for Venture Capitalists is below par it. The pitch should contain:

  • Engaging Content
  • Attractive Design
  • Public speaking skills

A quality pitch should not only make them listen to you but to make them say “tell me more”.

High-Quality Points

Focus on your key business points which will showcase a high Rate of return (ROR). A venture capitalist will be more attentive and focused on your HQP (High-Quality Point) and the presentation should revolve around it. Perfect pitch involves selling your idea and turning it into a successful business. HQP could involve your hard-working team or business USP factor. The start-up pitch deck should focus on the key factor that makes the business stand out amongst the crowd.

A great pitch deck design will help you achieve your target of grabbing bags full of investors to kick start your business. With an energetic team, innovative idea and a passion for your work will help you become a successful entrepreneur. Successful people attract other successful people, just saying.

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