How To Make A Good First Impression Before A Pitch


You are well prepared for a pitch; have done all your homework, your pitch is well designed and your content is on point, but somehow, your impression on the investor is not very good and he suddenly doesn’t like you too much.




Not a very appealing scenario, is it?

This can be prevented by following the pointers given below.


Getting Dressed for a pitch presentation
1. Be well Dressed

Appearances matter– especially when you are meeting someone for the first time, and there is a lot at stake. Wear an appropriate outfit which screams meticulousness, the ability to take on responsibility and professionalism. Here is a guide that will help you choose an outfit that is perfect for a pitch.

2. Smell good

Pitch or no pitch, no one likes to be in the vicinity of someone with bad body odour. Invest in a perfume with a subtle but pleasant fragrance. Strong scents can be very unappealing or even repulsive to a lot of people. Studies show that people who smell nice cast an instant positive impression on the people around them.

3. An Organised Set-up

Be a man/woman with a plan at all times. During your set-up, do not seem flustered or anxious about wasting your investor’s time. It is acceptable and understood that there could be a few technical difficulties while setting up your laptop and connecting it to the projector. Compose yourself; practice your set-up procedure if you must and make your investor believe that you have everything under control.


4.Good Handshake

While greeting your investor, always start with a firm handshake. A limp handshake can be very awkward on the receiving end and will create negative perceptions about you in the investors mind. Don’t let the grip be too firm; it is as uncomfortable as a feeble handshake. Get your friends to help you find the perfect way to shake a hand.

Good posture during Investor meeting
5. Good Posture

A good posture exudes an aura of confidence. Research shows that a person with a good posture has better chances of having people take an instant liking to them. It makes you look more powerful, taller and slimmer. It also improves your concentration and mental performance. Your ears, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles should align in one straight line to achieve the correct posture.

6. Smile

A genuine smile while greeting your audience makes them associate you and your company with positivity. It makes your investors feel comfortable around you, making you an amiable person, which is important to create the much needed bond with them. A fake smile is easily detected and will create mistrust or will make you look over-confident — both of which will fare badly for you.

7. Maintain an eye contact

Trying to maintain an eye contact may make you feel uncomfortable at first. However, it keeps your audience interested in what you have to say. It will hold your investors’ attention while you explain your ideas, making you seem genuine and honest.


We hope this article helps you engage your audience and keep you in their good books. How many of the above habits are you already engaging in?

How many habits do you think you could incorporate in your next pitch?

Let us know in the comment section below.  


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