How to Prepare Yourself For a Pitch?

The prospect of delivering a pitch can be very unnerving and can give you bouts of anxiety and restlessness.

You could spend sleepless nights pacing around your hall, wondering if your preparation is good enough. Boost your confidence with these tips to cast an impression on your investors and crack that deal!



Know your audience

Do some research on the people you are going to present to. Get a brief idea about their background and interests. This will help you analyze the amount of explanation you will require to prepare. Too much explanation might bore them while too little would leave them confused.

It would also help you make references that they can relate to, thus, helping you explain your point in a way they would understand.


Setting a time limit for a Pitch


Set a time limit

Give yourself a time limit and try to fit your entire pitch within that frame. Allot time for each topic, giving weightage according to its importance.

A short but comprehensive pitch creates a better impact than a lengthy presentation that overstretches your audience’s attention span.





Define the objective

You should be able to explain the objective of your presentation in an easy to understand sentence.

This will help the audience get an idea of what your presentation is about and set a base for the rest of your pitch.


Plan your speech

Explain your ideas in the body of the presentation. Illustrate your ideas by supporting them with examples and statistics.

Remember to provide variety as it may become boring to listen to a lot of facts or stories.


How to Presenting data & facts in a Pitch


Plan your strategy well with the following guideline:

  1. Present data and facts
  2. Quotes experts
  3. Provide detailed descriptions
  4. Relate to personal experiences
  5. Ask questions that stimulate thinking
  6. Give a unique demonstration



Device a plan to help with the memorizing

A lot of people ‘buffer’ while presenting. This causes them to say ‘umm’ or have unwanted pauses at the wrong times during their pitch.

This makes the audience doubt the speaker’s credibility. To prevent this, memory aids can be used to help maintain the flow of your speech.



These following techniques will help you deliver a powerful pitch without hiccups.


Presenting a Pitch to Investor

Memorizing only the important points

Make a list and memorize the most important points using keywords.

This will allow you to mold sentences around the keywords which will give your speech more fluidity and will help you connect to your audience by maintaining eye contact.

You can observe their reactions and improvise your statements to cater to their thought process.





Carry notes

If your memory is shoddy and you would prefer to have something to refer to, carry a set of notes that you can understand with you to the presentation.

You could also include the notes within the Powerpoint Presentation itself. Try not to read from the notes verbatim as this would make you sound robotic and the relation factor would diminish.



It is always good to fake confidence in the beginning. As you get warmed up to the audience, your confidence will gradually increase.

Preparation is very important as it will improve the quality of your pitch, while it will also show your audience that you are meticulous and responsible.

We also have tips on how to make a pitch deck.


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