How To Create Good Slide Layouts For Your Pitch Deck

Often, we face the difficulty of trying to figure out how to arrange the text, images and infographics on the slides of a Pitch Deck to make them look professional and well organized.


Here is a guideline on how you could make your slide format more aesthetically appealing.




The First Slide in the Pitch DeckThe First Slide


This is the slide that will cast the first impression on your audience, and will help them recognise who you are and what your presentation is about.

Place your company logo, company name and the purpose of the presentation on this slide.





Introduction Slide in the Pitch DeckThe Introduction


On this slide, you can explain what your company is about and what your Pitch is all about. This is the slide that will set the tone of the entire presentation.





 About your Company


You can convey the procedure of your process and the amount it would take by creating a neat and legible timeline as shown in the picture on the left.






Explaining your product or serviceExplaining your product or service


Throw away the old and boring conventional way of using bullet points or paragraphs and use an interesting infograph instead. Infographs have better retention potential.






Graphical representation of a pitch deck slide                      Convey your information to the audience graphicallyGraphs


Try to find fun ways to create your graph like the one shown in the pictures above. These are minimalistic and have all the elements that are required to convey your information to the audience.




Using Icons in the pitch deckIcons


Using icons gives your audience a visual aid to connect to the points that you are trying to put across. This helps them better remember your pitch.







Thankyou slide in the Pitch deckThank You Slide


Though this slide seems like a formality, it helps the investor going through your Pitch Deck to contact you with ease at the end of the presentation rather than scrolling to beginning slide to find your information.





These pointers will help you create slides that will floor your investors with your Pitch Deck design. We hope you get your deal!


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