Design An Emotionally Intelligent Pitch Deck – Here How!

What story are you telling your audience?

Are you matching their wavelength?

You need to resonate, and make an impact!


You could love making Presentations or absolutely hate it, but you cannot deny that your Investor Pitch Deck is one of the most important documents of your professional life. It helps you get your company started and continues to keep it afloat, as and when funding is required.

To create a pitch deck that is extremely effective, one needs to add a special ingredient into the mix – a dash of emotional intelligence, also known as EQ. Here are a few ways to add just the right amount of emotions for a great response from your audience.


This is a no brainer but also the most commonly missed out emotion while creating a pitch deck. You need to put yourself in your audience’s shoes – Angel investors or VCs, as each audience, has a different thought process, requirements and would respond well to different things.

Deliver the right message that gets across to your listeners in a pleasant way, rather than making them feel forced to sit through your presentation.


What is your investor looking for?

What are their thoughts and opinions?

What are their sensibilities?

How does your company fit in?

What are their key interests and are you somehow accommodating their financial interests?

If you are dealing with an audience you know, create an Empathy Map. This will help you identify their needs and understand what will keep them engaged. For an unfamiliar audience, create personas for key segments and make guesses based on intuition and research.


When you were a child, every lesson was taught to you in the form of a story. This was done simply because as a child, your attention span lay with anything that could satisfy your curiosity or fueled your imagination. The morals were sugar-coated pills of telling you the right way to behave and live your life. There was reasoning as to why you should or should not do something with an explanatory, wholesome example.

We have to assume that our audience has the attention span of a child and is not as well versed with your business as you are, and might, in fact, be completely new to your industry. You have to break your Pitch Deck to its most basic elements and pitch like you are narrating a story.


Your story should contain all the key elements of your business, the What, Where and How. It should answer every concern that your audience may have while appealing to their emotional requirements.

Humans usually make decisions that appeal to both the logic and their emotions.


Here is the part where your Presentation Software comes in. If your slides look unappealing, overcrowded or messy, it is a huge put off for the audience as they immediately diminish your worth in their mind on the basis of the appearance of your slides.

Always remember that a human is more likely to put their confidence in someone whose work looks as great as it is. A good design provides a great boost to your image. Try to stay minimalistic. Your slides shouldn’t have any superfluous elements or content on it. This will help them focus on only the most important aspects of your company and help with the overall readability of the slide.


It is easier to read a few highlighted points with visual representations to support them than to read paragraphs of text that are clumsily placed on the slide.  The selection of colors, words, and images can actually provoke them to feel an emotion – so select everything carefully.


Try the presentation out on someone who can give you honest and unbiased feedback on it. This will help you gain insights on the real audience’s reaction so that you can tailor the presentation more, to be the right fit.

Make sure you answer the following questions :


Would your presentation answer the audience’s questions and inspire them to take a positive action towards your product or service?

Will you feel authentic delivering it?

Would you sit through your own presentation?

Is your audience confused or did they actually take away something from your pitch?

Are you audible enough? How is your pace working out?


While more time consuming, this approach is known to give better results, if executed properly. With a little practice and some design help, you will be capable of handling pitches more effectively. Set your standards high and your investors will know that you are a person of Substance. You, in the end, are the representative of your company/product/service. And it will be you that cast the impression that could make, or break the deal.

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