A Basic Layout For Standard Pitch Deck

If you’re planning to raise money for your business, it is essential to have an impressive pitch deck as a key component in your fundraising toolkit.

A great pitch deck excites the potential investors about your idea and stimulates and engages them in a conversation about your business, and hopefully leading to an investment.

The following slides will give you an idea about the content flow in your presentation to create the pursuasive and engaging deck that you need to impress your investors.


1. Company Name

NOTE: Any detail which is missing out from your company while answering the questions in the pitch deck, please make sure to mention why is it missing. In case it’s not applicable for your business then just mention ‘NA’. It would be great if you can have more graphical representations and least amount of content from web. We appreciate your creativity and imagination which will also become a criteria of judgement.


< C o m p a n y Ta g L i n e >

<Company Name>


2. Problem statement

<Define the Problem Statement which your product or service will solve in detail>

<Clearly state the target audience of your product/service. Use guestimates if needed>



3.  Solution & the Product

<Define your product/service in detail and why is it the best solution?>

<Clearly state the uniqueness of your product/service>

<How is it solving the problem mentioned in slide 1?>

<Mention the vision of the company>

<Is your product/service patentable? If yes do you have any patents?>



4. Market potential & Scalability

<Show your market study in detail and any kind of research done to validate your product/service with the market. Please don’t use google data>

<You can compare the current market and clearly define whether you are entering a blue ocean or a red ocean>

<How can your product/service be scaled to reach out to the maximum audience globally?>



5. Market entry and Growth strategy

<How do you wish to enter the market? Mention the complete marketing strategy>

<How are you going to position your brand in the market?>

<What kind of marketing channel are you going to use to reach out to

maximum audience?>

<If possible align your marketing strategy with AIDA and explain each letter with your strategy>

<How do you plan to grow in the coming months and years with that strategy?>



6. Sales & Clients

<What is your customer acquisition cost and retentions cost?>

<How many clients have you served so far?>

<How many/much sales/revenue have you made so far?>

<What’s your CAGR?>

<What’s your projection for next 5 years?>

<How is your after market service?>

<How is your feedback based on the customer experience they had with your product/services?>



7. Team

<Mention all the credentials of your team mates>

<Why does your team qualify to be a dream team?>

<Why do you think that you can achieve your vision with that dream team?>



8. Timeline

<What is your current timeline with the milestones? It can be launch of your product, market entry, first point of sales, first customer, funding, etc. Etc.>



9. Finance

<How much have you and your team invested in your business so far?>

<From where did you raise those funds? Source of fund to be precise>

<How much is your funding requirement?>

<How much equity are you willing to shed for that much investment?>

<How many income tax cycles has your company completed from the time of inception?>



10. Exit Strategy

<How do you plan to exit in case of cash burn or failures?>

<What is going to be the mode of exit?>



11. Request for a demo

<Contact details with your website, facebook, etc>

<How can a customer reach out to you? Clearly mention the point of contact and time of availability for the customer.>


Have you or are you struggling with the content and how to arrange it within your Pitch Deck? It can be quite tricky as a good Pitch Deck only contains the bare essential information.


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