5 Pitch Decks To Gain Inspiration From

The first step to help you raise funding from a VC or any other type of investor, for your startup, is by creating a pitch deck. A pitch deck is a presentation that serves as a precise summary and summation of all your ideas, strategies, budget, plans, business model and contact details. It conveys what your company is all about your potential investors and gives them a reason as to why they should choose you.

Whether you are looking to raise 20,000 USD or 50 Million USD, a pitch deck will be your best buddy.

Creating the perfect pitch deck can be extremely difficult. There is so much you want to convey, and somehow you are meant to compile it into as few as 10-15 slides! The flow of your presentation is equally important to keep the investor interested in what you have to say and prevent confusion.

A compilation of 5 inspirational pitch decks may help you understand what the basic structure of your pitch deck should look like, and how the information should be distributed over the slides.

Let us start with Airbnb, the startup that a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs around the world use as a reference while trying to pitch their idea.


A platform that allows people to list, find, and rent lodging, this company boasts of being one of the greatest startup success stories of our time.

Inspirational points
It is a perfect compilation of all the information that needs to be in a pitch deck.
Each slide is clear, pleasing to the eye and extremely legible.
The USP’s for both the landlords and the renters have been communicated very clearly.

2. Buffer

A social media scheduling platform that helps you schedule content to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest, the startup raised half a million dollars using this extremely transparent pitch deck.  

Inspirational points

  • The inclusion of all the required financial data
  • They mentioned the results they received with the limited funds that were at their disposal.
  • The market potential is well explained.

3. Mint

A personal financial services tool that helps people track how much they spend and to help them save money, the Mint pitch deck was used in a competition and not to raise money, but still has a lot to learn from.  

Inspirational points

  • Financials are always a good inclusion in pitch decks
  • It is a very simple, standard deck
  • A clear value proposition
  • The provision of exit strategies

4.  Moz

A series-B deck that was used to raise over 18 Million USD, the Moz pitch deck is a great reference for established startups. Moz started out as an SEO company but now supports marketers across all inbound marketing strategies.

Inspirational points

  • Due to having been operational for 5 years, accurate figures were
  • presented
  • Good reference point for those looking for an additional investment
  • Good flow of slides

5. Facebook

There is really no introduction required for Facebook. Everyone knows what it is about. Here is the pitch deck that helped start this extremely popular social media platform.

What can we learn from this pitch deck?

  • The history and future steps are presented in clear bullet points
  • It is backed up with lots of financial data
  • The end of the pitch deck has a recommendation that says: ‘buy’. This approach might actually influence the audience’s behaviour towards buying.

Are you inspired to start creating your own pitch deck yet? Hit a snag and can’t seem to proceed on your own? You could always come to us for some help in creating this incredibly important document for your company.

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